The Agonist Launches Merch Store with Sound Escape Agency

Sound Escape Agency has partnered up with Montreal-based metal juggernauts, The Agonist-handling their online merch store from the U.S.A (offering the most affordable shipping prices from North America)!

The Agonist’s online merch store is selling standard & exclusive items including: Signed Vinyls, Box-Sets, CDs, Hoodies, Patches, Wristbands, Posters, New & Throwback T-Shirts alike & even drummer Simon McKay’s Signed Cymbals used during the recording of their Juno-nominated album, “Orphans”.

The Agonist’s new online merch store has the most extensive collection of merch items from the band-conveniently available Here!

To learn more about The Agonist, please visit their Client Page Here.