The Agonist Announce European Festival Cancellations

The Agonist have unfortunately cancelled their scheduled performances at the following European music festivals this summer: Wolf Fest, Brutal Assault and Pannonian Rock Festival.

Here’s what the band had to say:

“We had a summer tour planned out, including 2 festivals and multiple venue shows in Russia and Ukraine. These 2 festivals were amongst the highest guarantee money of the entire tour, therefore crucial to finance the journey as a whole. After the shows were canceled for obvious reasons, it turned the rest of the tour into a financial impossibility, as well as a logistical hell. It goes without saying that touring- especially in this day and age, is extremely expensive. Traveling to Europe for a few festivals and many days off in between would have cost us an insurmountable sum of money and left us in debt.

This is not the kind of post that we enjoy making, but we will be back in full force for the summer of 2023, under what we hope to be far better circumstances. In the meantime, catch us on an epic European run this October/November with Hypocrisy and SEPTICFLESH!

Much Love,

The Agonist”

Be sure to catch The Agonist on their upcoming European run opening up for Hypocrisy and SEPTICFLESH in late 2022.