Aria Scarlett Presents “WA Exposé” 2021

Sound Escape Agency’s Aria Scarlett alongside co-producer Joel Davis proudly present The 2021 Edition of “WA Exposé”. The event shall be hosted by Serenity Von Varda and will be featuring the very best of drag, burlesque, music and circus!

WA Exposé’s extraordinary lineup is showcasing performances by:
E-Layin Open, Danisa Snake, Ida Ocean, Natasha Wind, Kimmy Head, Autumn Daze, Cece Desist, Mr. Widdy, Minxed Punch and Malaika Moon!

Here’s how the producers of “WA Exposé” describe this sure-to-be spectacular Event:

“Re-working the phrase ‘think globally and act locally’ WA Exposé is a rapid fire variety show like no other. A platform for audiences to experience drag, burlesque, music, comedy, circus and performance arts as a degustation menu.

The rapid fire concept gives all performers the exact same amount of time on stage and invites audiences to experience art forms they might not otherwise seek out. You have a high chance of falling in love with a new art form you might not have considered before. We pride ourselves on bringing performers to new audiences through an inclusive and welcoming space for artists and audiences alike.

WA Exposé has had incredible success since the debut in December of 2020, now in a new iconic venue, this instalment promises to be the biggest yet!”

The event is taking place on Friday, November 26, 2021 at The Rechabite on 224 William St, in Northbridge, Western Australia.

Doors open at 7:00 pm. The event begins at 7:30 pm.

Tickets for “WA Exposé” can be purchased Here.