Sound Escape Agency Welcomes Aria Scarlett

Sound Escape Agency would like to welcome the exceptionally talented, “Aria Scarlett” to the family!

An impactful, colour filled performer defying genre definitions in her combination of opera and dance music, in short, Aria Scarlett is everything classical music ‘shouldn’t’ be.

Throughout her work, she has realized that crossing music barriers connects most with people who feel confined by gender and sexuality barriers. As a member of the LGBTQIA community, she prides herself on creating an empowering and inclusive space through her artwork.

In a decade of remakes, Aria Scarlett is a breath of fresh air allowing past and present to exist harmoniously while providing never before seen vibrancy.

Sound Escape Agency is delighted to be working alongside this multi-talented performer who is sure to push creative innovation in the entertainment industry like never before.

To learn more, please visit her Client page Here!