Killer V, Cody Johnstone & Samantha Landa Release “Say So” Remix

Killer V, Cody Johnstone and Samantha Landa release their full-band remix of Doja Cat’s “Say So”.

Here’s what Killer V had to say:

“Take it and make it your own. Our metal remix of “Say So” is officially out!

Cody Johnstone and Samantha Landa drew inspiration from the heavy arrangement created by Darion Ja’Von and performed by Doja Cat at the 2020 MTV EMAs, while adding a few unique twists of their own. They absolutely crushed it!

In hip-hop culture, it’s not cool to “bite” anyone’s style or lyrics, so I decided to remix the song by reworking the lyrics and writing my own rap verse from scratch.

In the off chance that Doja Cat sees this, we hope we did you proud!”

Check out their “Say So” music video!