Sicksense’s Killer V & Rob The Ripper Join The Monster Factory

Sound Escape Agency is proud to announce that Sicksense’s Vicky Psarakis (Killer V) and Rob The Ripper are both featured members of The Monster Factory’s International Team!

Watch the “We Are Monsters” announcement video, edited by Chris Kells Here.

The Monster Factory Expansion:

“Acclaimed voice acting agency The Monster Factory proudly announces it is expanding its team of voice talent and services internationally to 18 countries covering parts of Europe, Asia and Latin America. The agency expansion brings the addition of more than one hundred new voice talents, primarily metal vocalists, allowing the company to now offer its unique expertise on a global level. In celebration, TMF has released an all-new website and video trailer highlighting its extensive voice talent from all around the world!”

What is The Monster Factory?

“The Monster Factory is your one-stop shop for everything related to otherworldly sounds. Specializing in sound creation for all monsters, creatures, aliens, zombies, etc., it offers multiple services linked to their unique expertise in voicing these characters in video games and movies”.

Give The Monster Factory a follow on their social media accounts and be sure to check out their new website: